Saturday, April 14, 2018


(4/14/2018) Federal Way, WA. Affiliated Investigators is your 'go to shop' for private investigators seeking assistance with Mentoring, Networking, and Continuing Education Support. New and seasoned private investigators searching for a place where the bar is raised for our industry are checking out our website and blogs with rapidly increasing interest.

Some associations claim to be raising the bar of industry standards and conduct. Nowhere will a licensed private investigator find a more hospitable, helpful, and encouraging place to learn and grow about the trade than with Affiliated Investigators as an Individual or Corporate member.

Affiliated Investigators will waive the first years dues and fees for former members of PI associations in Washington State desiring to join APNAI. Download, complete and mail (or scan/email) the APNAI Membership form (located at the right column on our main page) to the address at the bottom of the form. You can also email us for further details at

Affiliated Investigators invites you to stand up and be counted with other private investigators in raising the bar of the industry.

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