Friday, January 26, 2018

APNAI - American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators

We welcome you to a new network born from the ashes of west coast associations held back by discord and disharmony. Affiliated Investigators - American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators | APNAI - bring together professional Private Investigators into a loose affiliation to raise the bar of the private investigator trade through Networking and Referrals, Mentoring, and Continuing Education.

Networking and Referrals bring us together - to interact, exchange talents and experiences. The result is more business opportunities!

Mentoring is becoming increasingly vital to the private investigator trade. More experienced Private Investigators bringing their talents and helping less experienced and new private investigators is a plus for our trade. Don't be discouraged by the myth of training a competitor. Our Affiliation can bring more talent into our trade, help those struggling and learning, thereby enhancing the quality of our products to the benefits of our clients and our trade!

Many associations debate the need for continuing education. Some are determined continuing education should be voluntary. Others seek the value with a mandatory program but lack the courage to implement it. (Do any associations come to mind?) The reality of life in this trade - if one stops learning, they stop developing and have less to pass along to the next generation of private investigators. Moreover, nearly all US states have a mandatory program.

These processes can bring us more referrals, and more business opportunities.

Seriously consider affiliating with us, whether as an individual private investigator, private investigative agency, or state/regional association. We're starting down a new path for Private Investigators - join us - we can't do it without you.

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